5 Tasty Reasons to Buy a Whole or Half Cow

Here in Jackson, camping, cookouts and dinner parties all have one common requirement — great beef.


As the season changes to fall and winter, comfort foods are centered around the perfect cut of meat. There is nothing tastier, healthier and better for the environment than locally grown and butchered beef from Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch. And one of the best ways to purchase is in bulk by ordering a full or half cow, which is available year-round.


Here are five tasty reasons to purchase a full or half cow from Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch:


1. Grass Fed and Grain Finished Cows are Tasty and Healthy: Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch focuses on grass fed and grain finished beef, which promises a humane life for the cow and a healthy meal for you and your family. The cattle on Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch are born and raised in Jackson Hole where they spend their days roaming in the shadow of the Tetons, drinking fresh spring water, and eating the protein rich grasses. The ranch prides themselves on raising the healthiest and highest quality meat, never using growth hormones or antibiotics.


“By grain finishing our animals and feeding them a mixture of alfalfa and hay for the last couple of months, it really helps the flavor of the beef," said Nikki Gill, director of marketing and sales for Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch. "It really gives it a tenderness and adds a little bit of marbling that helps the taste."


2. Get More For Less: When purchasing a half or full cow, you get more quality meat for less money. These steers are priced at $5.25/lb of hanging weight, which does not include the processing fee of $0.63/lb. The average hanging weight of a steer is approximately 500-600 pound hanging weight, and will yield around 350 pounds of beef after processing. Grass fed beef at local grocery stores sells for an average of $7.99 per pound, so when you add it up, you save money when by purchasing a full or a half cow. Throw the meat in your freezer and this is an economical decision that will feed your family for months.


3. Get Creative With New Cuts: By getting the full animal, you can get creative in the kitchen with some new and different cuts of beef that aren’t traditionally offered at the grocery store. Not sure how to cook up these cuts of beef? Get some delicious recipes from Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch on their blog like this one for a Chuck Roast with Balsamic and Dijon. 



4. Buying Local is More Sustainable: Buying local beef cuts down on the packaging and transportation of mass produced meets. It also reduces on the need for factory farming, which can be harmful on the environment. Pair that steak with some veggies from the Jackson Hole Farmer’s Market or People’s Market and you have healthy meal that is easy on the environment. 


5. Support Local Ranchers: Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch was started in the late 1920s by Bruce Porter, who handed it down to his son-in-law Ralph Gill in 1960. At the young age of 11, Ralph’s son Robert Gill began working on the ranch. Robert, his wife, five children and three ranch hands now run the ranch with the same philosophy as Bruce Porter — be a steward of the land and preserve the family’s land and tradition. Rather than buying beef from a grocery store, buy it from a local ranch with deep roots in our community.


You are able to purchase a full or half cow anytime of the year. Stock up for winter and order your Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch cow today.


Order a full or half cow now.


Get more information about Jackson Hole Hereford Ranch and delicious recipes on their new Ranch Blog.